Understand Ecclesiastes - perhaps for the first time!

Meet Jeremiah a hero for every young adult.

Build with Nehemiah (and us!).

Join us in studying Matthew's Gospel or Acts or Revelation or any one of a host of marvellous Bible Books listening for God's voice and reclaiming God's world. Study the uniqueness of Jesus Christ in Colossians and the call to discipleship in 1 Peter or an in-depth engagement with Romans.

These and many more series are now available. They represent years of faithful biblical preaching; please pray that they may do much good in this form as they have done in the life of Cornerstone Church. Other series will follow.

Travelling in the car or sitting in quiet of your own home hear God's word and reach out to Him in worship.

Peter Lewis has been a widely known writer, preacher, and conference speaker for many years. His main ministry however, and the one most near to his heart, has been his pastoral and teaching ministry here at Cornerstone.

A large 'bank' of his preaching and teaching material is in process of being put on the web in both written and audio form. At present this is mainly in the form of series of sermons on many Bible books which Peter believes is the most important part of his ministry at Cornerstone.

He preaches systematically through the books of the Bible (expository preaching) applying the ancient text to modern life. It is hoped you will download or steadily go through the printed version of some of the biblical books featured here and find in this treatment of them not only an education in the biblical text but a constant application of the Word of God to your own heart and life.

The Bible is too often an unread Book even in evangelical circles and Peter believes that the greatest need of the Church today is to hear the Word of God and experience its authority and power as it is applied to Christian lives today. He often says that the preachers task is to 'release the energy of the text'; may you find that energy in all its varied forms as the Holy Spirit who first gave the Word brings it home to your heart as you listen - and worship!